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Make your Website Error-Free through Effective Audit Report Services

A doctor always prepares a report before providing medical treatment to a patient. Likewise, an Online Marketing specialist makes an analysis of a website before getting done SEO of the same to make sure whether the website is ready for a market campaign or not. Every SEO is not expert in preparing the Audit report as it requires technical skill and knowledge of web tools. An Audit report will cover almost each aspect of a website like keywords, contents, web design, structure, pages, links, errors, title, description, broken URL etc. A complete check helps to get done the proper SEO with fewer efforts.

SEO Craft has designed a comprehensive set of web tools and manual strategies to analysis the website effectively and efficiently and to make the web page error free. We provide free SEO Audit reports to the people who are seeking for long term SEO services.

Benefits of Website Audit:-

  • Make the website error free or fixed the error while performing Audits
  • Helps to analysis the weakness and strengths of the website.
  • Analysis the duplicate contents or non-relevant contents
  • Make the keywords research and analysis in effective manner
  • Generates the report on broken links, poor backlinks, broken or invalid page URLs, wrong coding etc.
  • Improve the website performance
  • Makes the website responsive or SEO friendly
  • Discovers the internal web pages issues and shows the path to resolve the same
  • Make assessment of page architecture, contents, navigation and many more.
  • Helps to customize the marketing campaigning accordingly
SEO Craft is committed to serving the customers at its best and always follow the guidelines while making Audit Report. As SEO Craft knows the value of Web Audit. Feedback resulted from the Audit improves the website and make it SEO friendly, though the advantage varies according to the Web Audit Report as well. We are indulging in providing three kinds of Audit Reports:- 

1. Basic Audit Report: This type of report presents the overview of the website which is task of maximum one day. This finds out the essential but easily traceable part of the website like Title, Description, theme etc. It brings out the general points only, not the technical ones.

2. Detailed Technical Report: This kind of Website takes week times to analysis the Website technical parts, on-site pages, HTML Coding, Broken links & URLs, etc. This Audit Report covers the 70 % part of the website.

3. Comprehensive Web Analysis: The most critical par is to analysis the website while analyzing the competitors’ website as well. It takes min 15-20 days to figure out the errors, weakness, wrong coding, duplicate contents, back-linking etc.

SEO Craft also provides consultation on Audit of website analysis. Anyone seeking for the free consultation may also contact us for the betterment of their business website.

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