FAQ- Digital Marketing

1. What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a method through which a website can rank higher on the search engine results page. The process involves optimizing a web page's contents, keeping relative keywords, screen responsiveness, and loading time in mind to boost its position in the unpaid section. This is an organic way with zero investment to increase your search engine rankings and thus greatly demand everyone.

2. What are keywords?

Every word typed in the search bar of the search engine is a keyword. A keyword can be a single word or a phrase that forms the core element of a webpage. The search engine ranking of websites depends upon the relativity of keywords of those searched by the user. So, the keywords in a website decide whether and where it should appear on the search page, for which they are thoroughly researched before use.

3. How does SEO work?

SEO decides where your website will appear on the organic listings page, and for this, a web search engine like Google uses more than 200 algorithms. All these factors have their unequal weightage, and a single one can affect the whole list. For obvious security issues, these algorithms are not kept public. Still, factors like relatable keywords, faster loading time, and screen responsiveness increase the SE ranking, whereas plagiarism, illegible fonts, and misplaced items negatively affect the ranking.

4. Where to put keywords?

The first step is to conduct keyword research. Once you get a clear idea of which keywords will be appropriately relatable for your web content, the rest of the process is a cakewalk. The next step involves hiring a web content writer who will write the content, perform the necessary optimization to the page, and create a keyword induction strategy. They must not be overstuffed, which may result in spamming. Keyword stuffing must retain the normalcy and proper readability of a page.

5. Why is my website not on the first page of Google search?

The absence of your website on the first pages is mainly due to the low SE ranking for the following reasons:

6. What is a 404 error? 

Error 404 is one of the most common errors often faced regularly by internet users. This error occurs when the web content is either moved to another URL or has been removed, and your web browser is unable to locate the resource. Other reasons may include:

7. How do I hire someone to do SEO for me?

Before hiring someone to do the SEO for you, you must have a basic knowledge and idea of SEO and its works. Then only you can search for a professional in the field who has handled businesses like yours before and has prior experience and good working experience. It would help if you communicated your expectations and demands, and he should understand your business type and function well.

8. How can I get my website to the top rankings on Google in one month?

The core factor in getting your website to the top rankings on Google is simply enhancing its ranks in the Search Engine ranking algorithm of Google. The following factors need to be focused on:

9. Why should I hire an SEO Professional?

Every business wants to establish its online presence these days because people tend to depend more on online-based services in the present scenario. Having zero web presence makes your business obsolete. To match with the corresponding age and changing trends, you have to continuously stay in the audience's sight by a higher SE ranking, so that they will find you easily whenever they seek your service. An SEO service provider will

Help to improve your website traffic, for which it is a must-have thing.

10. Does good content equal high ranking on Google?

Google gives the highest priority to 'user experience'. A website is considered valuable if it serves the purpose of the user. That is why qualitative and relevant content is the most basic thing for a page. The content must not be keyword overstuffed; rather, it should be legible and easily readable. Websites should always focus on quality rather than quality, as that is the top-most criteria for Google. Online websites need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort when it comes to making their content game strong. The content should be engaging yet relevant.

11. What is local search?

The local search uses location services on your device to find business services in a particular geographic boundary. It provides you with the best options, called local listings, where you can physically go and make offline transactions. It best works in advertising local products to their specific local customers, improving local companies' visibility.

12. What is the ROI of SEO? 

Every investment is made with some expectations on its returns. Similarly, when a business invests in SEO, he demands the following Return of Investments:

13. Why do Search Engine Rankings change frequently?

In this highly competitive digital marketing age, every web page constantly wants to increase its position in the organic listings page. For this purpose, they hire better SEO service providers to continuously optimize for better content, build quality backlinks, and for social media marketing. These persistent efforts tend to change SE rankings frequently.

14. How much do SEO services cost?

The cost of SEO services depends upon many factors, with some of the major factors being the following ones.

15. Is SEO necessary for growing our business?

Any online business's main aim is to target more customers to its page, and the best way to appear at the top of the search engine in SEO. You may buy some ad space for your page through Search Engine Marketing but will prove very expensive and is not always helpful. Instead of optimizing your website with proper keywords and relevant content will drive more traffic, increasing your conversion rates and revenue.

16. Why Do I need SEO services?

The present generation has created the need for an online presence to stay healthy in the market. However, only creating a website will not bring you revenue. Instead, you have to advertise it in front of your potential customers so that they engage with it. For this, you have to optimize your website through SEO for getting a better SE rank to appear on the top of search results.

17. What could be the reason for the decrease in my rankings in Google?

The decrease in your webpage's SE rank can be due to:

And many other reasons.

18. Can ads on the site affect the SEO ranking of my site?

As Google focuses mainly on 'user experience', your users' reviews draw major attention during the ranking process. Ads these days have been a prime source of revenue for most websites. A few relevant ads which are displayed in a balanced and gentle manner are alright. But overloading your site with unnecessary ads will irritate the visitors and ultimately affect your site ranking.

19. Will my website always stay on the top ranking once you have optimized it?

Nothing is everlasting here, and your site's ranking doesn't escape this principle. With cut-throat competition, every business persists in optimizing its website through better content and more appropriate keywords. Once optimizing your site will alleviate your ranking, you have to continuously update your website to stay in the contest, making it even better.

20. Is SEO a good career option in the future?

Every business is busy establishing a conspicuous web presence to stay alive in the contest in this digitalization age. In the age where advertising is the best resource to draw customers and produce revenue, demand for SEO professionals is exponentially escalating. SEO is a part of digital marketing, which is an evolved branch of marketing. Website optimization is going to be the buzzword in the coming days. With such a craze in the field, SEO is certain to provide the best career options in the future.

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