Websites Vs Portals

Websites and portals both are two most important things in the life of people at the present time as both are considered as the opportunity for better outcome. There are many words used for websites. Some think it is an online store and some think it is a platform where one can express their feelings. Some even think it a perfect place to show their skills and display art. But if you find out its real definition then you will find that it is mainly a platform which is used for informing people about diverse topics such as destination, history, education, sport, news and many others. There are many types of websites existing in the market based on a number of topics. Website is also a perfect platform where you get an opportunity to express your feelings in words.

difference between website and portal

First of all you need to understand your purpose behind making the website. You should know what things your website can offer to others and how they can get the benefits out of it. Suppose if you want to write a poem then your website should be created in personal way and if you want to sell products then it should be created in commercial way. A website is a best thing where people can get chance to express their views. Therefore most of the people create personal websites to express their feelings in words to the world. In this way, they strive to make themselves famous among others. From personal to professional and from organizational to government, from job to entertainment, there are so many websites that have been giving information to people across the world.

When a website having a number of links connected to various other websites, generally referred as portal. In technical term, portal is a term used for website having URL through which your website can be reached to people across the world. It is also used for internet search and navigation sites. If you want to promote your business over the web then you should have a portal of your website that helps you to reach out your target audience in best possible way. There is not a big difference between portal and website because both are connected to each other. So, it is important for you to work more on the website because portal is completely depended on the quality that the website offers. It needs to understand that a well organized website always brings productive results.


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