Types of Link Building

Traffic Generating Links

Traffic Generating links is such important links that do not necessarily assist in terms of raising your overall rankings for a particular keyword or building up the overall PageRank. Traffic generating links can be in the form of numerous text links, banner ads, forum posts, blog explanation, social mentions, well-liked directories, and more.

types of link building

SERP Elevating Links

To enhance your search result positioning for proper keywords, the key is getting dofollow all those links on significant pages using your keyword phrase as an anchor text. So if you want to rank extremely for blogging tips, you will look for your links to be using those keywords. There are numerous ways to get appropriate SERP elevating links counting blog commenting on important dofollow blogs, guest blog posting with anchor text link in your biography or content, forum signatures, article marketing, directory submissions, and organic links from related pages.

Page Rank Boosting Links

While the debate ensures about how important Page Rank is for your site and whether Google will continue updaing rankings, until the day comes when Google removes PageRank from their toolbar, people are going to care about their ranking in the 1 – 10 system.

Reputation Building Links

Are you looking toward using SEO for reputation management? Then you will want to focus on reputation building links – links that are anchored with your name or company name as the anchor. The links are built not just to your main website, but also to your social profiles, blogs, and other affiliations, as the point is to bring positive information about you up in the search results.

Backlinks for Your Backlinks

Each of your backlinks to your websites or social profiles is strengthened by the incoming links to the page your link is placed upon. Therefore, it only makes sense to create some backlinks for the pages you get links.

The Key to Building Links

One of the most significant things to keep in mind when building links, for any ideas, is that the procedure must look usual to Google to avoid being penalized. So be sure to vary your approaches, anchor text, and other processes of link building so that you can obtain the most favourable results without running into any trouble.

Your Link Building

Do you diverge your link building for diverse purposes, or aim simply to elevate your SERP? Are there many other ways you build links that are effectual for the detailed purposes mentioned above.


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