Guide to Search Engine Ranking

Obtaining organic search traffic has become a key pillar for our overall growth. But SEO is not a one-day thing and a long-term investment. To achieve top rankings in the organic page result, you need to follow a simple rank building strategy.

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To ladder up your SEO ranking follow up the key steps: -

  • Set up your account with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to have a better control over optimizing your website.

  • To help search engine with the organization of your site, submit sitemap of your website to Google search console.

  • Fix all crawling errors (if any), using the Google search console.

  • Optimize keywords for your website

  • Have a thorough research on keywords as this is what going to put you on search engine result page.

  • Find the search volume for keywords.

  • Each page can rank for different keywords, so map keywords to content type as per relevancy.

  • Optimize pages of your website

  • Use only one h1 tag on a page.

  • Page titles should be within 60 characters.

  • Put an inviting and relevant meta description within the word limit of 160 characters.

  • Write meta titles for each page, compelling enough to gain clicks.

  • Page titles are the default URLs. Hence, include target keyword.

  • Add Alt tags by writing a small description of the image to help search engine.

  • Develop a link building strategy for your website to get maximum backlinks. Backlinks can effectively increase search engine ranking.

  • Experiment customer questions for your product category

  • Give voice to your product and help customers get the best out of it.

  • Use relevant keywords to qualify your content.

  • Add structured data and product reviews to catch eyes.

  • Build a brand reputation by indulging with customers on social channels, essentially; Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

  • Make your site mobile friendly, as Google now considers mobile first indexing.

  • Last but not least, interest your customers. Nothing holds a person that interest.

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